Monteraponi Chianti Classico 2016. Highly recommendable.

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The vintage 2016 was great in Tuscany. A warm, regular summer allowed for perfect ripening; interesting diurnal range of temperature improved aromas developing and crispness.

Monteraponi is a boutique winery in Radda in Chianti, owned by the Florentine Braganti family. The wines produced by Michele Braganti have a very refined personality due to 2 reasons: the place, the winemaker.

Radda in Chianti is located in the northeastern part of the Chianti territory, that is closer to the Appenini mountains and far from the west coast. This makes it a very cool area, where wines tend to be lighter in body and have higher acidity. The subsoil is also very rocky here, made up of limestone (so called Alberese), which enhances character and precise tannins in the sangiovese wines.

Michele Braganti and his wife, Alessandra Deiana, oversee every aspect of production from vineyard management to wine making process. Their inspiration is Burgundy Pinot noir, a delicate and elegant wine.

Chianti Classico 2016, I tasted yesterday, was very pure at the nose: fresh red cherry and violet with hints of forrest floor, that reminds of a very traditional style. The taste was shaped by a crisp acidity, with precise and delicate tannins and the finish lingered with citrus fruit and salinity. Easy to drink and very easy to pair with food! Highly recommendable.


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