I create unique wine tours to discover wine regions of Tuscany and Italy.

Why choose me

I am an Italian sommelier and a teacher in wine school (sommelier school), I collaborate with a wine magazine (“Sommelier Toscana”), I write on the blog Il Salotto del Vino and I am a regional editor of the annual winebook “VITAE”. Therefore, I’m the perfect companion for wine lovers, who don’t just want to make a tour with a driver, but wish to learn form a real expert, visiting selected wineries, tasting fine wine and food.

What are my tours like

My aim is to create a unique experience focused on discovering the fine wines of Tuscany and Italy. My tours are only about wine, wine regions, wineries (… but you can drink water as well at lunch!).  Each tour is customized based on client’s expectations. I will ask you what you’re into and I’ll make you a proposal that you can agree or ask for a change. 

Service I can offer

I can just be your wine guide, or I can find a car or minivan with a driver for you. I work with qualified partners and travel agencies. I am flexible and will accomodate your needs. You get me, my skills and my experience at you service.

What is my fee

I am not rewarded by wineries. I select wineries for the quality of their wines. I only work for your interest. I assume you are hiring me for my skills, so my fee includes the organization of the tour and the time I spend with you. Based on the kind of service you ask me, I will let you know the total price (calculated by adding to my fee the cost for the car/van, for tasting at wineries and for lunch).



Come and meet an area in turmoil, which for years has been producing labels loved by wine lovers from all over the world. If you love cabernet, merlot, syrah, … this can be the right choice!
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Be guided to discover the Bolgheri DOC, its territory and its producers. In 1971 Sassicaia was first released on the market and was the start of a revolution. Love cabernet? Then you’ll like Bolgheri!
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Chianti is the name of a place, but Chianti wine is not made in Chianti, only Chianti Classico is made in Chianti. It seems hard to understand, isn’t it? Come with me and I’ll make it easy!
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Visit the place where Brunello, 100% Sangiovese grape, was born. Meet boutique wineries and branded estates as well.