Sassicaia 2015, what a great wine!

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Bolgheri Sassicaia

In this moment of the year, wine awards and ratings are going to be presented to the public and wine books of the year will be soon available. According to some Italian wine blogs and wine reviews, Bolgheri Sassicaia 2015 is likely the best Italian wine of the year!

It comes from Tuscany, more precisely from the new wine growing area of Bolgheri on the coastline of Tuscany. It has been produced by Tenuta San Guido since 1968. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (85%) and Cabernet Franc (15%).

2015 in Tuscany was a very good season with a regular warm summer, that allowed for grape ripeness and sanity.

I had the chance to taste Bolgheri Sassicaia 2015 and here are my tasting notes:

Deeply ruby red color with a garnet red rim; very bright. It has a compelling nose that opens up with balsamic herbs and ripe blueberry and blackcurrant notes; it’s also spicy and mineral and you never get tired of smelling it. On the palate it is full of energy thanks to perfectly ripe and thick tannins. It’s a full body wine with an absolutely elegant texture and it stays with you for so long, with reminds of rosemary and orange juice. It’s a really outstanding wine!


What about the other wines produced by Tenuta San Guido? Here’s my opinion based on tasting of the last release:

Bolgheri Le Difese 2016 (Cabernet 70%, Sangiovese 30%)

Captivating nose with a lot of fruit and mint chocolate notes. Very well balanced and easy to drink with a fruity finish. A good medium body wine.

Bolgheri Guidalberto 2016 (Cabernet 60%, Merlot 40%)

Deep ruby color with a rich nose of pine, violet, blackberry and coffee aromas. It has a full body and a velvety texture with soft tannins. It is vigorous and has an oaky finish. It is a good mediterranean wine.


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