Conte della Vipera: Antinori’s Bordeaux white blend

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Conte della Vipera

Conte della Vipera was a historical owner of the estate Castello della Sala, now belonging to the Antinori family. The Castle was founded in the Middle Age close to the city of Orvieto, which is in Umbria but very close to the border with Tuscany.

Antinori owns the Castle since 1940 and has transformed its land into vineyards. Important wines are now produced by Castello della Sala, mainly with international grape varieties.

The wine Conte della Vipera is a blend of Sauvignon (about 60%) and Semillon, like many white Bordeaux wines. But the climate conditions in central Italy are much milder than in Atlantic Bordeaux.

Conte della Vipera 2016 (tasted on May 22, 2020) is mainly fruity, with melon, peach and passion fruit aromas and just a hint of fennel seeds.

It has a savory and refreshing taste with high flavor intensity and an almost creamy texture. It’s balanced and easy to drink.

Best match: half-aged pecorino cheese!

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