Tasting Colle Bereto Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

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A Sangiovese Cru under the Village of Radda in Chianti.

Together with the restyling of the historic brand of the Black Rooster, five years ago the Chianti Classico introduced a new category in its denomination, placed at the top of it: the Gran Selezione. According to the modification of the regulations, Gran Selezione is configured as the result of a selection of grapes, which come exclusively from vines conducted by the company itself. Compared to other types, including the Riserva, it must be a wine richer in alcohol (minimum 13%) and body, subject to longer aging before being marketed (at least 30 months of which 3 in the bottle). The Gran Selezione is therefore the flagship of a Chianti farm, being the highest expression of Chianti Classico that the company can make with grapes from their own vineyards.
Colle Bereto has interpreted in the most authentic way the sense of this novelty, isolating the wine of a single vineyard of his property: the one placed under the convent of Radda in Chianti. It is a vineyard that enjoys a fortunate southern exposure and an excellent hilly position with altitudes between 420 and 460 m above sea levels. The harvest at Colle Bereto is always manual and selective; the wine making is separate for each vineyard. In particular, the wine from this vineyard used to contribute to the Chianti Classico Riserva, but starting from the 2010 harvest it is bottled separately with the Gran Selezione label.
After de-stemming, the selected grapes end up in wooden vats by fall, without undergoing the stress of hydraulic pumps and carry out the alcoholic fermentation. The wine ages for about 3 years in 700-liter oak barrels.

Tasting notes


100% Sangiovese. Garnet red. An elegant nose reminds of hibiscus flowers, ripe maraschino cherry, rose petals with bold lines of Tuscan cigar, leather and a hint of meat. It is dense in the mouth; velvety tannins outline a solid structure. Acidity creates a galloping sensation, prolonged by a mineral finish.


100% Sangiovese. Vivid ruby ​​core. The particularly evolved scent is reminiscent of blueberries, rhubarb jam, dried flowers, nutmeg, juniper and cloves. It is full-bodied, high in alcohol and flavor intensity. The tannins are integrated into a balanced taste that ends with notes of wild berries.


100% Sangiovese. Bright ruby ​​red with a transparent border. The nose highlights a wealth of ripe fruit, red cherry and blackberry, then  laurel and cinnamon; it develops also tobacco and graphite. The tannins caress the palate like a silk, creating a volume that highlights fruity aromas. Very good wine, suitable of further aging.


100% Sangiovese. Ruby ​​red with particularly bright reflections. The nose is young, it opens with violet and lavender before unveiling the red currant fruity together with spicy memories of anise and white pepper; everything is immersed in a background of balsamic resins. It has a slim body, hight acidity and a warm finish with citrus hints.


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